Roan Kearsey-Lawson MA, MA, BA Hons, MISM. International Composer, Performer & Session Musician. Classical, Jazz, World, Theatre & Pop Genres. Vibes Player, Marimba, Timpani, Piano, Drum Kit, Latin & Orchestral Percussion

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As Seen on BBC1TV he is a "Master vibesman...We Mean Supreme Vibrations"(Octave8 Club, London) 

"A Truly World Class Vibes Player" (CAA, London)

New York Connections Quartet - Find Out More

"As a composer Kearsey-Lawson has a great melodic gift, plus an affinity with the rhythms and sound patterns of many countries" (Ron Simpson, Jazz Rag Magazine)

"...a Total Winner"  (The Jazz Rag)  "he has a penchant for writing good, lyrical music and arranging it to a variety of styles….Roan Kearsey-Lawson is a talented multi- instrumentalist and composer…"  (Ian Maund Sandy Brown Jazz.)

"Your drumming is great and vibes playing a knockout" - (Digby Fairweather)


  The Roan Trio 'Classical Conversations Album'  "Fascinating, inventive and totally accessible would fit with Classic FM’s Smooth Classics however the range of influences is much wider than classical music...The album’s other remarkable feature is that it is performed by a trio on 14 different instruments!...It’s a virtuoso performance all round...what a pleasure"  Find Out More...


Roan's 'Presence in Mind Album' “Eleven eventful tracks, adding up to a lot of absorbing jazz listening… an MJQ feel to it, achieved admirably by the leader…this fine five-piece delivers a beautiful melody…Its stunning contents…supplying his best jazz vibes… it’s a total winner.”  (The Jazz Rag, Spring 2014, Les Tomkins.)  Purchase Album

'Presence in Mind' Roan's New Album, RKL Quintet with Duncan Lamont Jr, Dorian Ford, Larry Bartley and Dave Trigwell, plus guests. Purchase Album Online

"Kearsey-Lawson's...album...has a maturity about it that is often missing from...established jazz names...the quality...shines through...reminiscent of early MJQ back in the days when they still knew how to swing".  (Lance Liddle, Be Bop Spoken Here).

Roan Kearsey-Lawson has performed live on BBC TV and live on BBC Radio and is regarded as one of the finest percussion players in the industry. He has worked with over 100 great jazz artists such as Scott Hamilton &Darius Brubeck from the USA and Digby Fairweather & Don Rendell from the UK to name only a few. His performances are always 100% packed with energy, with visually stunning fast performances and on slow numbers mesmerising intrigue, drawing every listener in. Roan even has a royal ancestry, he is an experienced performer particularly in concert settings and has a great dry sense of humour on the microphone. To find out more visit his biography page.

Roan can be booked at your venue or festival as a visiting Vibraphonist and is experienced working with house bands. He can also perform with one of his own bands

Before you book have a look at Roan in action on video, and once you have decidedto book feel free to use some pictures for your advertising.